Statistics for Discord Bots.

Since February, Statcord has been providing top notch Discord Bot statistics that work across all languages.

Feature 03


Statcord shows your bots stats to the nearest minute and is super simple to setup.

Feature 03


Installing Statcord is one of the simplest things to do. Install our lib, enter your key and you're good to go.

Feature 03


Statcord provides insights on how to grow your bot and makes it super simple to understand how your bot is doing in the discord ecosystem.

Free For All

Statcord is provided at no cost to you. All our amazing features, provided for no cost at all.

$3 FREE/month
What you will get
  • Guild & User Count Tracking
  • Command Usage Tracking
  • CPU & Memory Usage Tracking
  • Libraries available in multiple languages.
  • Regular updates

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